Track the Snow Plows Across New York City in Real Time

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Snow can put plans on indefinite pause, especially if your primary mode of transportation is a car. But now, instead of staring out the window waiting for a snow plow to come to the rescue, you can use PlowNYC on to track when your street will be cleared.

PlowNYC, which was first used in February 2012, lets you view the location of snow plows at any given time once they begin the rounds. The tool works for all five boroughs of New York City and shows your street’s “snow removal category,” or how quickly a snowplow will reach your home.

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When you submit your address on the site, you’ll see a map of New York City that shows streets highlighted in various colors, similar to the one below:

The colors designate removal categories that are assigned to roadways based, presumably, on how important they are to maintain during a snowstorm. Primary streets are labeled in red and should be cleared quickly; secondary ones are blue and shouldn’t be far behind. It may take the city’s plows longer to reach the yellow “tertiary” streets; any green roads labeled non-DSNY means the city won’t be stopping by at all.

Manhattan and lower parts of the Bronx have the most roads marked “primary.” Some outer portions of Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx have a decent number of streets labeled “tertiary,” but the majority of roads in every borough seem to be either prime or secondary targets for snow plows.

If your street isn’t covered by the city, though, don’t panic. As points out, some roads are cleaned by private companies that PlowNYC doesn’t track. The site also warns that information on PlowNYC might be a little behind schedule of outside activities.

PlowNYC won’t make it any easier to trudge through the storm, but it can help you plan the best time to brave the flurries.

via Track the Snow Plows Across New York City in Real Time.

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