Real Estate Investment Skills are Learnable

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It’s amazing to watch a novice real estate investor progress through the learning curve to the realization that they are going to succeed when they had so many doubts before.  They wanted success, but the thought that they wouldn’t have the ability or the knowledge to pull it off was always there in the background nagging at them and hinting at defeat.  At some point in the process the realization that they now knew everything they needed to succeed dawned on them and they jumped into the business.

Let’s talk about the skills you should have to assure success in real estate investment and just how you can acquire them.

  • Desire:  Though not really a skill, starting out with a desire to succeed will carry you through.
  • Tenacity:  Again, not really a skill, it’s a character trait that will help to move you along.
  • A little math ability:  There are a number of calculations that allow real estate investors to evaluate a property, assess its value in the current marketplace, and determine income potential.  The great news is that even the most math-challenged among us can find online calculators to plug the data into and get the result.
  • Some negotiating skill:  This one is definitely a help in getting the best price and below-market buys.  Without this ability you can use a real estate agent or attorney to help you, but with confidence in your market and investment knowledge you’ll find that your skill at negotiating is getting better.
  • Team-building ability:  This is also something you can read about and learn, and actually this will take a lot of pressure off other skill sets useful in a real estate investment business.  You simply learn to gather a team of professionals who possess the skills you do not, and you use them to grow your business.

Anyone, anywhere with any level of skills can become a very successful real estate investor.  What you don’t want to learn, you can leverage through a team.  Get started for a pleasant surprise.


Doug Clark

Star of Spike TV’s FLIP MEN

RealtyTrac Education Partner

Top Real Estate Coach and Trainer Worldwide

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