Choosing a Home Inspector

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The home inspection is a very important part of the transaction process when buying a home. Buyers want assurances that the home is in good condition, or at least they want to know about any problems they’ll need to address after closing.

In most home purchase deals that aren’t stated as “as-is” purchases, the inspection opens up the deal to a new negotiation. Even though there was price agreement in the original purchase agreement negotiation, defects reported by the inspector can create a new negotiation. The report is submitted to the buyer and they decide if there are unexpected situations they want the seller to correct before closing.

There is a tendency for buyers to ask for recommendations for inspectors, that can be acceptable as long as buyers understand that there are inspectors that sellers like and there are others that seller brokers don’t want to see at the inspection. That’s because there are some inspectors that are “easier” than others, keeping deals going instead of reporting things that may result in a dead deal if the buyer and seller can’t agree on corrective repairs.

Get several recommendations, or even better, go to the yellow pages and call some of the local home inspectors. Question them about their role and how they approach your inspection. As a buyer, you don’t want an “easy” inspector. You want a hard-nosed “tell you everything” inspector. Be wary of inspectors that tell you that you don’t need certain inspections, such as mold. They should at least explain why, not just say “it’s not a problem here.”

If you’re working with a dedicated buyer brokerage, one that doesn’t take listings, they could be a better source for recommendations, as they only work with buyers and will want tough inspectors in most cases.

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