Best Cities To Live In For Single People

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Summer has once again come to an abrupt end and autumn has begun to set in. Summer is for fun in the sun, vacations with friends, and fun late nights. But now the nights are getting colder, leaves are changing colors, and the holiday season is right around the corner. For many, the fall is a time for enjoying family, friends and time with their significant others. Fall is the perfect time to find a mate, someone to curl up next to and watch a movie, someone to grab a coffee with during the cold mornings, and someone to show off to your family during the holidays. In short, it is the season to fall in love (pun intended).

To aid single people in their search for a new special friend on social media, we have created a list of the cities with the most single people. Love is sporadic, so we did not want to include too many factors in our analysis of the best cities to find a match. We have limited our list to cities with a population of 25,000 people or higher, then looked at the percentage of the population that has never been married.

It is no shocker to see that a vast majority of the cities that made the list are college towns. Topping the list is the home of Penn State University; State College, PA boasts a staggering 82.6% of the population that has never been married. The largest city that made the list is Gainesville, FL; total population is about 125,000 with 62% of those having never been married before. With only about 30% of the entire United States population having never been married before, these cities offer a much large percentage of finding a significant other.

We cannot promise living in one of these cities will result in finding your soul mate, but all we can say is statistically speaking these are the cities with the highest percentage of people who have never been married.

City % Never Married
1 State College, PA 82.6%
2 East Lansing, MI 76.9%
3 College Park, MD 74.3%
4 Blacksburg, VA 74.1%
5 Ithaca, NY 73.6%
6 Carbondale, IL 70.5%
7 Morgantown, WV 69.2%
8 Mount Pleasant, MI 69.1%
9 Amherst, MA 68.9%
10 Statesboro, GA 68.4%
11 San Marcos, TX 66.6%
12 Pullman, WA 66.0%
13 Bowling Green, OH 66.0%
14 West Lafayette, IN 65.9%
15 College Station, TX 64.9%
16 Bloomington, IN 63.5%
17 Gainesville, FL 62.7%
18 New Brunswick, NJ 62.6%
19 Roxbury, MA 62.6%
20 Brighton, MA 62.1%
21 Newark, DE 61.7%
22 Urbana, IL 61.7%
23 Kent, OH 60.9%
24 West Hollywood, CA 60.2%
25 Harrisonburg, VA 59.5%


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